Why did you decide to become an au pair?

Feb Thu 2021 06:14:58


After backpacking Europe the summer of 2010 between my junior and senior year of college, I fell in love (with the continent, not a boy). All I could think about was going back. I went back to the monotonous routine: university, internships, sleep – and ultimately took on another job to really save up for my graduation gift to self: Eurotrip #2. During my saving and trip planning, I quickly realized that after graduation I wanted to do something different before entering the workforce. I missed out on the opportunity to study abroad in college, so I began exploring my options overseas. I loved my babysitting job in high school and being an au pair immediately came to mind. After tons of time, loads of research and countless heart-to-hearts later, I made the big decision (and later big decision #2 – staying). So, here I am in Deutschland. Hopefully the following can help you in the research department.

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