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We are institution purely established for the assisting students and Au pairs in their further education and experiences both inside the country as well as abroad. We are a team of soundly qualified and trained personnel who are geared to provide reliable and timely services to its clients. We highly value the needs and demands of the time that’s important for our clients. That’s why we are solely concerned with the benefit of the students and other clients. As we are clear in our goals to serve our clients, we will not leave any stone upturned to meet our objectives in going forward for the true prosperity of all our customers. We firmly believe in clean transaction with no hidden costs.

Au-Pair FAQs

  • Why did you decide to become an au pair?

    After backpacking Europe the summer of 2010 between my junior and senior year of college, I fell in love (with the continent, not a boy). All I could think about was going back. I went back to the monotonous routine: university, internships, sleep – and ultimately took on another job to really save up for my graduation gift to self: Eurotrip #2. During my saving and trip planning, I quickly realized that after graduation I wanted to do something different before entering the workforce. I missed out on the opportunity to study abroad in college, so I began exploring my options overseas. I loved my babysitting job in high school and being an au pair immediately came to mind. After tons of time, loads of research and countless heart-to-hearts later, I made the big decision (and later big decision #2 – staying). So, here I am in Deutschland. Hopefully the following can help you in the research department.

  • What is an au pair?

    Au pair is a French term meaning “equal to”. Thus, it implies a mutually beneficial relationship between you and the family. Au pairs typically live with the family in their home and help take care of the children along with fulfilling some basic household duties in exchange for a place to stay and a cultural immersion abroad.

  • Apart from taking a language class how else can I learn German?

    While you will be surrounded by the language 24/7 once you have arrived here in Germany and hence will “have no choice but” to learn the language along the way, attending a German language class will ensure you learn the proper grammar and pronunciation. If you would like to brush up on your German before arrival try using an online language learning system like Rosetta Stone, go to your local library to check out whether they have any German (childrens) books in store, search on the Internet for a free German web radio station, read German magazines or newspapers online or rent a movie you already know by heart and set the language to German this time. There are many different ways to practice German even before you get here.

  • Why Germany?

    During my first trip to Europe, Germany was easily my favorite destination. Munich was the only place I saw, but it was all I needed. Germany is a lush, green, beautiful, centrally located country. The people are ultra welcoming and maintain wonderful family values. There are so many great towns to see and it is easy to travel anywhere in Europe from here. Oh, and (almost) everyone here speaks English, but it’s not the primary language. I wanted the opportunity to learn another language, but also selecting a country where I would not feel isolated by a language barrier was extremely important to me. In as early as elementary school, Germans begin learning English. Even if someone says their English is poor, it is actually pretty decent. If Germany doesn’t do it for you, explore your options. People all over the world are looking for au pairs!

  • Which cities can I study in?

    Professional Year Program providers exist in all states of Australia. It’s really a student’s choice to go with one or the other based on their city preference.

  • Why should you choose Proactive ?

    We represent all the leading Professional Year Institutes in German  .


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